Diamond grinders are very effective for grinding stone floors, superior to past methods. We can grind the floor in different grades, from coarse to very fine, for creating a lustre and shine never before seen in a stone floor.

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Diamond grinding was earlier almost only used within the stone industry. About 20 years ago the method was starting to be used within the floor grinding business, mainly for grinding marble, terrazzo and limestone. Later it was also used for brick, slate and granite. Finally, in the beginning of the 1990-ies, we started to experiment with concrete floors and today we have refined these methods and as a result we have an almost impossible to wear out, concrete terrazzo.

We renovate all kinds of concrete and natural stone floors.

Concrete terrazzo, treatment of existing concrete

Concrete floors will wear out over time, they are hard to clean and they create a lot of dust. Water and oil can easily penetrate the surface, leading to more serious problems. When we grind your floors we use up to 7 grades of diamond grinders, totally removing the dust layer down to the ballast, where the stones mixed in the concrete become partly visible. This technique creates a surface that is very strong and dense, yet open to diffusion. The final step is your choice of soft soap, wax, polish or other finishes. Here you can choose luster from dull to shiny.

We can also offer sodium nitrate treatment, which has crystalizing properties and makes the floor extremely hard and durable.

Other advantages

  • We only use environment friendly methods .
  • The surface is strengthened, and so the durability of the floor increases.
  • There is no need to empty the space of shelving or machinery.
  • We do our job when you don’t use your space.
  • Non-slip.
  • Greater economy.

The result

  • Our technique creates a surface that is very strong and dense, yet open to diffusion. After the treatment your floors are easily maintained, and beautiful for many years.
  • Marks from lift trucks and other dirtying are more easily removed.
  • Water, oil and chemicals can not penetrate.


With right maintenance your own cleaning staff can keep the floors looking great for years. For heavy traffic areas we recommend a light polishing with diamond discs after 3-5 years.

The floors we ground with this method over 10 years ago still look as good as when we left. They are almost maintenance free, which of course means great economy.

Where can you use this method?

  • Industries with great demands for a dust free durable and easily maintained floors.
  • Offices, shops and even restaurants – here we grind the floor to the ballast, with a surface from raw soft soap washed to the smoothness of a mirror.
  • In high traffic warehouses.
  • Basements, laundry rooms, garbage rooms etc.


Renovation of a floor with our method is currently less costly than replacing a floor. The price is comparable with other re-surfacing methods like acrylic, epoxy etc. Yet, our methods have great advantages, because we treat the concrete itself, instead of a cover, which always is softer than the concrete. Covers, can be easily damaged, get truck marks, and is also hard to remove when you want to use the premises for other activities. Many covers emit unhealthy vapors as well.

Natural stone floors

Marble and lime stone

Natural stone floors are often polished to a bright shine. This is achieved by using different grinding step and polish methods

Instead of making a high shine floor we can also finish by treating the floor with oil or soap. This gives you a beautiul, silky floor with a genuine patina.

Natural stone floors need a specialized maintenance program in order to protect its ageless beauty. We can also work with you to design and implement a complete maintenance schedule to maintain the beauty and health of your floor.

Granite and slate

Granite and slate are extremely hard stones that can stand a great deal of wear and tear, but even these materials will wear in time and they can of course also be ground with our diamond discs. The grinding procedure is very time-consuming because of the hard material, which explains why the price is twice as high compared to other stone floors.

Brick floors

We can also grind brick floors, and we recommend linseed oil and soft soap to give a beautiful soft shine.

Marble Terrazzo

Terazzo is crushed marble; cast in concrete on the spot, both marble and concrete comes in different colors. Terrazzo is a great material, when it comes to color, shape and maintenance.

Granite Terrazzo

Granite Terrazzo is an extremely hard and durable floor. It is almost impossible to wear out, and can take great strain that different floor coatings never can measure up to.

Considerations that can influence the final price

  • Floor material and desired result
  • Floor area
  • Serration, angles and the amount of grinding
  • Stairs
  • Wall covering
  • K-marked floors
  • Constricted working space (for example around a WC)

Some price suggestions

High shine concrete €45-€65/m2
High shine terrazzo €35-€80/m2
High shine marble and lime stone €50-€160/m2
Finely ground brick €50-€65/m2
High shine granite €85-€180/m2
High shine slate €85-€180/m2

Prices above are for normal circumstances and for areas over 50 m2.

All prices are excluding taxes, connection cost and transport.

To be able to quote correct price we need to do a test grinding.


Make a request for proposal to be contacted by a representative. You are also very welcome to contact us directly.